Children & Young People's Ministry

Children and young people are encouraged to participate in the life of the church; more so at the Sunday services. They are seen as the leaders- in-waiting. They are therefore given a Sunday in a month (the third Sunday) where they lead the first part of the service.  

On other Sundays, they have their own bespoke services; which is divided into junior and intermediate sessions. The children and young people start the service with their care-givers and leave for their own sessions after the reading of the Gospel.  

Children of primary school age meet in one of the general purpose rooms and the youths, young people of secondary school age, would meet in the chapel; for their own church sessions and their leaders (DBS checked adults) would facilitate a teaching and learning environment for them to understand and apply biblical narratives to their day to day experiences.  

The emphasis at these sessions is not only learning moral values but making the children and young people understand what the bible is saying about the values in relation to God and fellow humans. At the end of their sessions (which is often during the time Holy Communion is administered), they are back in the main church and during church announcements, they report to all what they have learnt.  

When the church was developing her Mission Action Plan, the children and young people were well involved. In their sessions they looked at (among other things) how they want to see their church.  

Every year they are given a Christmas treat (a party) and the Mothers’ Union would give them gifts. The church also facilitates outdoor activities for the young people, this may include attending a Pantomime show.