Mothers' Union

This is our women’s group. They have five objectives, with activities for each objective as follows: 

Objective No. 1: Promoting stable marriage and family life

We do address this objective by praying. The members pray for relationships to be flourishing and loving.

We set aside a day in the week to pray for each other, using a prayer cycle- praying for our various family lives- marriages/children i.e. for relationships to be flourishing and loving.

We have chosen Friday (the 6th day of the week) to pray for one another and at a specific time, whenever we can make it, at 13.27. Our day and time is based on the fact that God made humanity (man and woman- the basic unit of a family) on the 6th day of the week. This you will find in Genesis chapter 1 verse 27. Hence we pray at 13.27 on Fridays; wherever we are and whenever we can.

We also address this objective by campaigning for social justice and promoting women and children’s rights.

Objective No. 2: Supporting families in faith and helping families to explore and enjoy faith together

This objective is addressed by supporting families when they come for baptism of their children. We help them with their enquiries and join the priest in baptismal preparation sessions. At baptism, we are there to support them in the service. Even when the service is over, we do follow-up.

Objective No. 3: Building a Christian community

To address this objective, we are actively involved in the life of the church- by participating in leading some aspects of Sunday worship service. We have a Sunday each month where we lead the first part of the service- come on time to prepare the church for the service and tidy up after the service.

In addition, we meet quarterly, as a group, for fellowship and we may have bible studies or some other social activity.

Objective No. 4: Supporting family life

Our activity for this objective is giving a treat to the children in the church by part funding day out trips for them and volunteers from within the group will take them for educational excursions and fun time. We also do Christmas parties for them. Hence we take some of the burdens off their care-givers.

Objective No. 5: Helping those facing adversity

Our major activity for this is- providing bereavement support for members by being in contacts with them and praying with and for them in their time of grief.