We are out and about in the community doing community engagement programmes; where we listen and engage with the community people (develop projects that address their real needs); to enhance community cohesion and development. 

Therefore, we have a Parish Community Engagement Officer; in the person of Rita Edmond- who has spent over 2 decades in Silwood (where the church is located). She also holds a master's degree in Organisation and Community Development. She works with the priest, Father Egerton Gbonda. He too has done post-graduate work in a similar area. He holds master's degrees in development and refugee studies; coupled with extensive experience in working with vulnearable young people in the UK and abroad.

We partner with other stakeholders in the community like the tenants-residents associations, the Lewington Centre and XLP. Currently we are working with the young people in Silwood. Hence we have organised  a writing competition for them on the theme: 'My Community Youth Project'. We have received funding from Southwark Neighbourhood Funds for this activity.

We believe you can partner with us to enhance community cohesion and development; in a parish where Church Urban Fund (Tackling Poverty Together) research has shown that: 'the most significant poverty-relatated issue in this parish is the relatively high rate of lone parenthood. The next most significant issue is the relatively high rate of child poverty. Child poverty, pensioner poverty, working age poverty and lone parenthood in this parish are among the highest in the country.'

Kindly support our community engagement programme in any of the following ways:

  • Praying for the work we do
  • Volunteering to work with with Rita and Father Gbonda in the community
  • Making a donation at HSBC

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    Account Holder: St Katharine with St. Bartholomew Parish Church

Please reference your donation or send a cheque to the postal address on our Contact Us page